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Meet Krista


Krista became a licensed Zumba® instructor in January of 2014, with the encouragement of her friend Ali from AliKat Moves, and has been actively teaching ever since. She eventually partnered with Ali teaching classes at AliKat Moves. 


When Ali decided to give up AliKat Moves in early 2022, Krista jumped at the opportunity to take over the business under her own brand and passions.

Krista's Zumba Licenses
Krista Zumba Instructor Framingham MA
Krista before and after weight loss


When Krista started taking classes at AliKat Moves in July 2013, she was on a weight loss journey knowing she needed to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Through a combination of eating smarter and getting daily exercise, she was able to lose 75lbs and has been able to maintain that weight loss for nearly 9 years...with hard work and a supportive, safe, welcoming environment.


As a Special Education Administrator, she strongly believes in teamwork, dedication, perseverance and support in order to meet your individualized goals.


To Krista, being healthy isn't just a number. It's how you feel and how you choose to live your life. She wants to be an inspiration to all the members at Katalyst Fitness. Seeing people come into class excited and leaving smiling, sweaty and accomplished is a huge reward! This community is her home away from home!


Krista plans to incorporate her passion of powerlifting and strength training into her business with new classes to give students more variety.

Krista weightlifting
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